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Curricular Resources for Faculty - Sustainability at Wake Forest

Sustainability at Wake Forest

Curricular Resources for Faculty

Curricular Resources for Faculty

Curriculum Development, Teaching & Research, Administration

- Sustainability: The Journal of Record, “Roundtable: Reluctant Professors, How can higher education leaders persuade foot-dragging faculty members to incorporate sustainability into their classrooms?” (2010)

- Council of Environmental Deans and Directors resource, “Interdisciplinary Hiring, Tenure and Promotion: Guidance for Individuals and Institutions”

- LEAP’s resource for learning outcomes and assessment approaches, “College Learning and the New Global Century”

- Sustainability on Campus – Stories and Strategies for Change, edited volume, The MIT Press

- Teaching Environmental Literacy Across Campus and Across the Curriculum, edited volume, Indiana University Press

- The Ometeca Journal’s double issue on Educating for Ecological Sustainability

- The Sustainable Learning Community: One University’s Journey to the Future, edited volume, University Press of New England

- ACUPCC Academic Guidance document and “Education for Climate Neutrality and Sustainability” resource (2009)

- AASHE’s curriculum resource page

- AASHE’s sustainability research resource page

- 2010 Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS) Conference, Many Shades of Green, at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon

Co-Curricular Programs and Courses

- College Student Educators International (ACPA) resources for peer-to-peer educators

- AASHE’s co-curricular resource page

Green & Sustainable Jobs, Training, and Education & Workforce Development

- National Wildlife Federation Campus Ecology Preparing for a Green Workforce Webinar (see scroll down to November 19, 2009)  (Podcast and PowerPoint slides are available)

- Worldwatch Institute Green Jobs for People and the Environment Report (2009)

- National Environmental Foundation Business Case for Environmental and Sustainability Employee Education Report (2010)

- National Environmental Foundation Engaged Organization Report (2009)

- Pew study on Green Jobs (2009)

- Ellen Weinreb’s CSR Jobs Report (2009)

Survey of employers on what they want from graduates conducted on behalf of AAC&U (2009)

- Birkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability - Volume 2: Green Collar Jobs

“New” Economics and Business of Employment & Workforce Development Issues

- National Public Radio New Jobs for a New Decade Series, including one green jobs story

- Atlantic Monthly (March 2010) cover story on the Jobless America Future

- New York Times series on the New Poor and the Unemployed (February 2010)