This month, Sophomore Amanda Chou won a national contest for college students called, Project Green Dorm hosted by An eclectic panel of judges ranked the entries by asking each participant to construct a Pinterest board online, featuring 25-50 of the eco-friendly products that, “make up the ultimate green dorm room.” The panel of judges was a diverse set of consultants and activists who were authorities on different aspects of sustainable product supply and design. However, they all agreed that Amanda’s Pinterest board was exceptional.

Amanda’s selections include several products that are both fashion-forward and eco-friendly— eco-chic, some might even say. A new generation of sustainability enthusiasts, like Amanda,  are looking for form and function with selections like bamboo iPhone cases and pencil sets made from recycled newspaper (both found on Amanda’s Pinterest board).

To Amanda, the decision to opt for a Zippit reusable sandwich bag is an easy one. “Green companies want to serve a greater purpose, and by supporting them, I can take part in their initiatives, whether it be Zero Waste, Fair Trade, etc.” She also added that, “It’s easy to go from conventional to conscious. Start small by switching out one conventional product for an eco-friendly alternative and go from there.”

For a look at some of the products in Amanda’s room, check out the following newscast!

By Joey DeRosa, Communications and Outreach Intern