Enrollment assistance isn’t the only benefit we see to the annual Benefits Fair. For us, it is a special opportunity to recognize our colleagues for their strides in sustainability leadership. This year we asked faculty and staff to identify the ways in which their office or department’s Green Team captain empowers them to lead the sustainability transformation. Among the 72 Green Team captains across campus, the following captains were recognized most by their colleagues for their efforts:

  • Morey Graham (Advancement – Alumni & Donor Services)
  • Anna Marie Carr (Advancement – Alumni Engagement)
  • Qiaona Yu (East Asian Languages & Cultures)
  • Jason Belo (Human Resources)
  • Laura Denlinger (Learning Assistance Center & Disability Services)
  • Leigh Anne Robinson (Office of the Dean of the College)
  • Amanda Lanier (Reynolda Gardens)
  • Vanissa Zwigard (Student Health)

We also asked faculty and staff to share with us how they hoped to reduce, or already have reduced, their environmental impact. Flip through the gallery below to see some of their pledges and view the full gallery here.