Campus As Lab Pilot Program

The Campus As Lab Pilot Program supports collaborative efforts between operational and academic department members in order to create campus-based learning opportunities that engage students in analyzing, evaluating and generating creative solutions for a more sustainable campus. Such engaged learning experiences help students develop practical professional skills while expanding their understanding and engagement with complex sustainability challenges.

Campus As Lab Projects: Spring 2018

Project Title Course Operational Partner Description
Project Night Light PHY120 Physics of the Environment
Dr. Jed Macosko
Facilities & Campus Services Students measured night time sky glow and light trespass on campus to inform strategies for reducing the University’s contribution to regional light pollution and to improve visibility of the night sky.
Web-Based Apps for Sustainability CSC331 Software Development
Dr. Paul Pauca
Campus Garden
Office of Wellbeing
Campus Arborist
Computer Science  students practiced Design Thinking with on-campus clients to create useful web-based applications that advanced existing sustainability initiatives.
Energy Mapping BIO379 Geographical Information System Mapping

Dr. Becky Dickson

Facilities & Campus Services GIS students used energy consumption data from F&CS to create visual representations of energy usage on campus.
Ancient Grains ANT374 North American Archaeology

Dr. Eric Jones

Campus Garden Students used hand tools to prepare garden plots and sowed pre-maize, ancient grain crops. Students saved the rare seeds of knotweed, sumpweed, goosefoot, little barley and maygrass.
Food Waste Reduction POL281 Environmental Political Thought

Dr. Andrius Galisanka

Deacon Dining, Aramark

Hospitality & Auxiliary Services

Students toured the main campus dining hall to understand the initiatives and systems in place to reduce food waste and divert organic wastes from landfills.

Campus as Lab Opportunities

Faculty and operational staff members are invited to submit project or research ideas to or schedule a meeting with Campus As Lab Pilot Program Manager, Nathan Peifer, at Engaged-learning projects must be related to an issue of ecological, social or economic sustainability and can be course-based or extra-curricular. Click here to view a full list of all Campus as Lab opportunities.