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Drawdown Series Part 3 of 3: Environmental Wellbeing – How Facilities Management Impacts Climate Change

by Suzy Mullins (’18) | Originally published October 4, 2017 This is the last installment in the Office of Sustainability’s Drawdown series. In the previous weeks, we have examined how Wake Forest is working to adopt, demonstrate, and research 25 of the 80 Drawdown solutions. For updates on WFU research initiatives and campus-led initiatives, follow the links. This piece […]

Drawdown Series Part 1 of 3: Forward Focused – Research for a Cooler Climate and Brighter Future

by Suzy Mullins (’18) | Originally published September 27, 2017 This is the first post in the Office of Sustainability’s Drawdown series where we examine how Wake Forest University is enacting 25 of the 80 solutions proposed by Project Drawdown to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If you missed the introductory piece to our series and are wondering, “What is […]

On the Road to a Carbon Neutral Wake Forest: The Team and Strategies Making It Happen

Originally published on April 27, 2022 During November of 2021, 120 leaders from around the world convened to discuss the state of Earth’s climate and deliver real progress on climate action at the 26th United National Climate Change Conference (COP26). Eyes all over the world watched as more than a month of panels, discussions, and […]