The Compost Crew

Are you interested in helping divert waste on campus? Sign up for the compost crew! This group plays a vital role in supporting our campus-wide zero-landfill events and initiatives. Some potential roles as a member of the compost crew include:

  • Meeting with leaders from student organizations, as well as faculty and staff who host meals and events on campus
  • Marketing new initiatives
  • Helping coordinate the logistics of moving food waste to a pick-up location
  • Being present at events to help attendees sort their waste appropriately

If you are interested, please sign up here to learn more and Brian Cohen, program coordinator for the Office of Sustainability, will reach out to you directly.

Office Organics Collection

53 small compost bins can be found in 41 of our administrative offices and academic departments at Wake Forest. Our office organics collection program has empowered faculty and staff to divert waste each day and think critically about food waste solutions. It’s simple — we provide a perfectly-sized compost bin and compostable bags and stop by your office to pick up your organics regularly. All organics are sent to Gallins Family Farm to be composted into nutrient-rich soil. Don’t see a compost bin in your office? Contact to become a part of our office organics collection program.