Alastair McIntosh – Working with Intergenerational Trauma: Scottish Land Clearances and Donald Trump

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“Working with Intergenerational Trauma: Scottish Land Clearances and Donald Trump”

The Scottish scholar, author and environmental activist Alastair McIntosh was raised on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, just eight miles from the birthplace of Mary Anne Macleod, the mother of President Trump. What was it that led so many of her generation to emigrate from the island when she did, in 1930s? What aspects of culture and religion might have been passed on in her son, Donald John? And what can go wrong in the psyche of a human being when the human qualities of small island culture become displaced from being held within the basket of a living community? Through the lens of his latest book, Poacher’s Pilgrimage: an Island Journey (newly released in the US by Cascade), Alastair will explore the Highland Clearances, their impact on Trump’s maternal ancestors, the intergenerational effects of such trauma, and where the Scots today are finding hope in healing their relationship with both soil and soul. This is a story that might speak to many of us – to people of color, and to Native Americans – as well as those whose ancestry was European.