New Rules for Climate Protection: Student and Citizen Action to Change the Future

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Power Dialog2The year 2015 will be the hottest ever recorded, shattering the record set just last year. According to the World Bank, without a change in direction, the planet will heat up another six degrees within the lifetime of today’s students. In Paris this December, President Obama and other world leaders will make pledges to cut global warming pollution. What legal authority does the President have to make this pledge? What action will be required at the state and community level to deliver on the US commitment? How can students make a difference?

Dr. Eban Goodstein will introduce the Power Dialog, an effort to mobilize 10,000 students to engage in face-to-face dialog with state-level regulators about implementing the Clean Power Plan. To activate the Dialog, hundreds of faculty will take their classes on coordinated field trips to their state capitols. The Dialog gives students a voice in critical decisions that will determine their future, and the future of the earth.