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Sustainable Agriculture

Food and Biodiversity – Science Journal

What conservationists need to know about farming – Proceedings B

Shattering Myths: Can sustainable agriculture feed the world? – Food First Backgrounder, Institute for Food and Development Policy

Beyond the Scarcity Scare: Reframing the discourse of hunger with an eco-mind – The Journal of Peasant Studies

The Long Green Revolution – The Journal of Peasant Studies

Heritage and Heirloom Varieties

He Keeps Ancient Apples Fresh and Crisp – New York Times

Food Ark – National Geographic

The Pleasures of Eating –  Center for Ecoliteracy

Genetic diversity in farm animals – a review – International Society for Animal Genetics

A global view of livestock biodiversity and conservation – GLOBALDIV – International Society for Animal Genetics

Climate change and the characterization, breeding and conservation of animal genetic resources – International Society for Animal Genetics

Objectives, criteria and methods for using molecular genetic data in priority setting for conservation of animal genetic resources – International Society for Animal Genetics

Integrating geo-referenced multiscale and multidisciplinary data for the management of biodiversity in livestock genetic resources – International Society for Animal Genetics

From Farm to Fork: A Guide to Building North Carolina’s Sustainable Local Food Economy – Center for Environmental Farming Systems

Animal Genetic Resources: An International Journal – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

History of Apples

Hunger History: All About Apples – The History Channel

Fruit: A History of Apples – Urban Farm Online

Regional Apple Overview – Blue Ridge Apple Growers Association

The Apple Industry in Henderson County Then & Now – Blue Ridge Farm District Market Association


Ark of Taste

The Livestock Conservancy