Facilities and Campus Services

Facilities and Campus Services staff work to monitor and reduce energy consumption on campus.

Building Automation

Building automation systems (BAS) exist in most campus buildings here at Wake Forest. The campus makes great use of occupancy sensors that adjust lighting and control heating and cooling by detecting the presence of someone in a room. There are also sensors to determine bathroom exhaust fan speeds according to occupancy and to detect the need for certain amounts of hot water. Over the past few years, the implementation of such controls has resulted in a 20 percent decrease in electricity usage on campus.

Building Dashboard

You can track energy and water use in nearly every building on the Wake Forest campus using the building dashboard display.

Renewable Technologies

Explore various applications of renewable energy technologies across campus, from solar thermal hot water at South Hall to solar photovoltaic demonstration panels on the Barn to solar-powered charging umbrellas on the Reynolda Patio.