Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling

The Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling, located in Facilities, is responsible for coordinating waste pickups throughout campus. In addition, the Surplus Property Program re-purposes items on campus and facilitates the recycling of WFU’s e-waste.

Food Waste Reduction

Through a partnership with Gallins Family Farm, Dining Services diverts pre-consumer waste from the landfill to be turned into compost.

The Campus Kitchen at Wake Forest University, a student-run service organization, works to distribute extra prepared meals donated by the dining hall and other partner organizations to food insecure populations in Winston-Salem.

Dining Services can provide low-waste catering options upon request.

How Recycling is Collected on Campus

Plastic bags that line trash bins are opaque black, and bags that line recycling bins are clear. Custodial staff members remove all bags from waste stations separately, tie each one off, and place them all together in a cart. A member of facilities picks up the bags from the custodial staff’s cart outside the building, and places the bags in a truck. From there, the facilities staff member transports the bags to the facilities yard, separates out the bags by color (opaque black and clear) and places them into recycling or trash dumpsters respectively. Click here to view a PDF illustration of the recycling collection process.

What to Recycle at WFU (Downloadable PDF)