Bulletin Board Kits

Download a ready-made bulletin board kit to put up in your residence hall.

What to Recycle at Wake: Do you know what should go into the recycling collection at Wake Forest? Print out this easy kit to empower residents to place the right items in the right bins.

North Dining Hall Compost (NDHC): Did you know all food scraps at North Dining Hall are composted? Chances are your peers may not know. Spread the word that only uneaten food and paper waste go in the dish return and empower each individual to make a difference in reducing the amount of waste WFU sends to the landfill.

WFU Transportation Options: Discover a number of easy alternatives to get around Winston-Salem and beyond.

Choose to Reuse: There are over 100 refill stations around the Wake Forest campus offering both chilled and filtered water. Empower your residents to Choose to Reuse.

Move Out, Don’t Throw Out: Encourage your residents to plan ahead this move out and donate all unwanted items.