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Project Drawdown: Your Comprehensive Guide to Carbon Reduction and Climate Protection


Project Drawdown: Your Comprehensive Guide to Carbon Reduction and Climate Protection

September 13th, 2017

by Office of Sustainability Staff Writer, Suzy Mullins

What if I told you that climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions could be drawn down using technologies, practices, and commitments already in place today? As humans, we play a considerable role in influencing the changing climate, and it is up to us to take responsibility in order to keep planet Earth livable. One may ask, “What does it take to slow the pace of global warming?  What can I do to play a part?”

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Wake Forest to Adopt New Ride-Sharing Service

August 29th, 2017

On September 30, 2017, Wake Forest University will be making the transition from Zimride to ShareTheRideNC. ShareTheRideNC is a statewide ride-matching service sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART).

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FAQ: Video Resources for Sustainability

August 29th, 2017

Q: I am looking for a short video resource to visually display and teach the principles of sustainable development. Do you have any recommendations?

A: One of our favorites for short videos on sustainability topics is Sustainability Illustrated which offers short engaging videos to learn about and teach the principles of sustainability. The goal of these videos is to change the world by making sustainability knowledge available to all for free in a fun and engaging format. With a variety of videos on topics ranging from general sustainability and systems thinking to more specific tools and concepts, Sustainability Illustrated communicates sustainability both visually and effectively.

FAQ: Occupancy Sensors

August 9th, 2017

Q: How does the occupancy sensor in my room operate?

A: Occupancy sensors have been installed in a number of buildings to ensure that lights turn off when not in use. Many of these sensors respond to motion, while others are activated by both motion and sound. It is important to treat these light switches just like the old-fashioned toggle switches. When you enter a room, hit the button if the light does not come on automatically. If you are the last to leave a room, including the bathroom, make sure you press the button again to turn the light off.  This is important for two reasons. First, even though the light may turn off on its own after a period of inactivity, those precious minutes can really add up. If you leave your room four times a day and do not turn off the light upon leaving, you are allowing the lights to burn for an additional hour each day, or 10 full days over the course of the school year. That is a lot of energy that could be saved by a single student. Second, if the light is activated by sound as well, as it is in a number of residence halls, it may turn back on while you are gone if someone next door or above you makes a lot of noise. This is exactly what happens when students do not hit the button to turn off the light before going to bed. Rolling over in bed or coughing in the middle of the night is enough to trigger the light and wake you out of your peaceful slumber. Leave no doubt; turn it out.

Hacks for an Eco-Friendly Move

July 25th, 2017

Students today are more concerned than ever about the environment, but college move-in days typically produce huge piles of trash outside residence halls.  To combat this, the Office of Sustainability offers these simple moving hacks to achieve an eco-friendly Move-In Day:

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Campus Tree Update: Willow Oak Removal

July 21st, 2017

On Saturday, July 22, a Willow Oak in front of Kirby Hall and across the street from the Sutton Center will be removed. This Willow Oak, with extensive decay and a lack of root support on both the East and West sides, is at a high risk for failure under normal weather conditions.

During the tree removal, a portion of Wingate Road will be closed.

For a list of campus tree removals and justifications, click here.

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Tree Removal at Graylyn and NCA#5

July 7th, 2017

An oak tree at the Graylyn International Conference Center will be removed on July 7-8. After standing for over 100 years, the structural integrity of the tree warrants removal.

As a result, the Coliseum Drive entrance to Graylyn will be closed on both dates to allow for the removal. Visitors are reminded to be cautious and obey traffic directions. During the removal, the main entrance to Graylyn on Reynolda Road will remain open.

Additionally, a red oak tree with internal decay near North Campus Apartment #5 will be removed as soon as possible. Paired with internal decay, the tree is also causing structural damage to the retaining wall and walks, as shown in the photos below.

For an up-to-date list of tree removals and justifications, click here.

FAQ: Zagster Bike Share

June 26th, 2017
Q: I saw that the National Cycling Center and the City of Winston Salem installed several Zagster bike share stations around town. How can I participate?

A: If you haven’t already, download the Zagster app and join the Winston-Salem, NC bike share. The app will help guide you through the following steps:
  1. BORROW: Get out your phone and open the Zagster app. Login and then enter the bike number in the “RIDE” screen. Tap the “START RIDE” button to start your ride. The app will show you the “CODE” number for the bike you’ve borrowed.
  2. UNLOCK: Enter the code into the bike’s lockbox, which is the box with a keypad on the rack of the bike. Press “ENT”, enter the code, then press “ENT” again. Make sure to press each button slowly and firmly.
  3. The box will flash the “MESSAGE” and “READY” lights once you’ve entered your code correctly. Pull the lockbox lid up and pull out the key inside. Use the key to operate the U-lock that attaches the bike to its station. Close the lockbox before you ride.
  4. RIDE: Have fun and stay safe! Use the U-lock to keep the bike secure if you make stops along the way. You must always lock the bike to a fixed object if you leave the bike during your ride. The lockbox lid must always be closed unless you are using the key inside. Your lockbox code will continue to work throughout your ride.
  5. RETURN: When you’re done, lock the bike back to a Zagster station and close the lockbox. Then go to the app and tap “END RIDE”.

Tree Removed at SFAC

June 13th, 2017

On Monday, June 12, a Willow Oak was removed at the west entrance of the Scales Fine Arts Center after being in decline year many years. Another Willow Oak will be planted in its place.

For up-to-date news on campus tree removals, interested individuals can view a list of all tree removals and justifications on the Office of Sustainability’s website.

Sustainability across the Curriculum

June 9th, 2017

The sixth annual Magnolias Curriculum Project brought together 14 faculty members on May 10-11, 2017, to develop innovative course components that will inspire systems thinking in students and empower an understanding of sustainability through a variety of lenses.

During this two-day workshop, participants discussed sustainability literature, developed learning objectives for their students, and shared perspectives from their own fields of study.

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