The Student-Athlete Sustainability Network was developed in Fall 2016. Its purpose is to empower student-athletes to assume leadership roles in reducing energy consumption, waste, and water use within their respective athletic teams and the athletics department as a whole. Each varsity team is permitted to name one to three representatives who are proven leaders with an interest in environmental issues.

Representatives focus on both structural changes—quick fixes that can reduce their teams’ impacts on the environment—and behavioral changes. Some projects taken on by student-athletes include transitioning from disposable cups to reusable water bottles at practices, improving access to recycling containers, reducing the amount of water used to maintain playing surfaces, and educating peers on proper thermostat management in the locker rooms.

If you are a Wake Forest student-athlete and would like to get involved, please email

Current SASN Representatives:


Team Representative
Baseball Chris Schafer
Basketball, Men’s Trent VanHorn
Cross Country, Men’s Peter Millsaps
Cross Country, Women’s Sarah Fahmy, Gabby Merritt, Jenna Truedson
Field Hockey Jessy Silfer, Jess Pianko
Football Chris Pearcey, Kyle Kearns, Chris Stewart
Golf, Women’s Anna Wears
Tennis, Men’s & Women’s Sean Hill
Track & Field, Men’s Peter Millsaps
Track & Field, Women’s Sarah Fahmy, Emma Sexton, Jenna Truedson