Sustainability Ambassadors are student peer educators for sustainability. The mission of the Sustainability Ambassadors program is to support the development of sustainable behaviors among the student population at Wake Forest University.

Through outreach activities, campaign development, event planning, sustainability assessments, and presentations, Sustainability Ambassadors are able to reach Wake students in a variety of settings. They help fulfill the Office’s mission of empowering others to assume leadership roles in sustainability.

Training occurs in the form of a two-credit undergraduate course: ENV 203 – Leadership for Sustainability. If you are unable to register for the course but still want to get involved, please reach out.

If you have any questions or if you would like to invite a Sustainability Ambassador to give a presentation or conduct outreach, please contact us at

Monet Beatty 

Sophie Bellomy 

Lauren Berryman 

Caroline Bosch

Kat Boulton

Sara Collins

Lauren Davidson 

Rachel Faulkenberry

Daniel Grinevich

Emma Hein

Carly Liebich

Jack Lloyd

Isabelle Lord

Sophia Masciarelli

Kelsey Murlless

Meghan O’Keefe

Ava Posmantur

Roxie Ray

Maya Revell 

Alice Romanov

Clara Schinzel 

Haleigh Schultz 

Rivers Sherrill

Gillian Simpler

Cole Straughn 

Olivia Street

Sarah Templeton

Pranjal Tulsiyan

Taylor Barrett, ’17
Interests: Sustainable energy, food

Cristin Berardo, ’18
Interests: Renewable energy

Erika Brandon, ’18
Interests: Water conservation

Sara Cerere, ’19

Stephanie Cobb, ’17
Interests: Climate change and food production

Forrest Dodds, ’18
Interests: Energy conservation, water management

Matthew Healy, ’17

Zoe Helmers, ’19
Interests: Sustainable agriculture/food production, water conservation, pollution prevention

Mackenzie Howe, ’19
Interests: Green Buildings, Land Use/Habitat Preservation

Sebastian Irby, ’18

Bill Leftwich, ’19
Interests: Energy and water conservation

Emily Claire Mackey, ’18
Interests: Sustainable cities, food production

Maggie Powell, ’19
Interests: Biodiversity and ecological systems

Anna Quinn, ’19
Interests: Renewable energy, environmental justice/human rights

Brennan Radulski, ’17
Interests: Ecology and biodiversity

Talia Roberts, ’19
Interests: Waste and climate change

Cameron Steitz, ’18
Interests: Environmental justice, sustainable food production/food security

Wesley Skidmore, ’19
Interests: Renewable energy and climate change

Cameron Waters, ’19
Interests: Sustainable urban development, energy conservation

Mallory Wood, ’17
Interests: Sustainable agriculture, local food systems