Energizing the FutureEnergizing the Future: Technology, Policy and Entrepreneurship — February 10-11, 2010, on the Wake Forest Campus

Energy is vital to our modern way of life, and sustainable energy solutions are essential for a secure future. With broad interest and expertise in the sciences, economics, law and business, Wake Forest University is strategically planning this forum to provide audience participants with an understanding of the technological solutions and the governmental policies needed to implement them. Speakers are chosen to provide examples of achievement at the national, community and institutional levels.

Speakers include:

  • NY Times columnist and bestselling author, Thomas Friedman (“Hot, Flat and Crowded”)
  • Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu via pre-recorded video
  • James Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy
  • Aubrey McClendon, CEO of Chesapeake Energy
  • Academic specialists in energy technology, legislation and economics.
  • Entrepreneurs who are developing alternative technology businesses.

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