Engaged & Experiential Learning for Sustainability

Our engaged learning program supports collaborative efforts between operational and academic department members in order to create campus-based learning opportunities that engage students in analyzing, evaluating, and generating creative solutions for a more sustainable campus. To date, 83 unique courses have been a part of our program.

From mapping energy on campus using GIS systems to growing squash and gourds to create drums, students in classes with engaged learning projects have meaningful experiential learning opportunities.

The Magnolias Curriculum Project

Since 2012, we have invited Wake Forest faculty to enhance teaching and engagement with sustainability issues by participating in the annual Magnolias Curriculum Project each spring. No prior experience with sustainability-related issues in the classroom or in research is necessary, and faculty at all ranks and career stages are welcome.

This innovative approach to curricular change, modeled on the nationally renowned Piedmont Project (Emory University), provides faculty with an intellectually stimulating and collegial experience to pool their expertise.

The Undergraduate Environmental Program

Since 1995, the Environmental (ENV) Program has given Wake Forest undergraduate students the opportunity to explore their passions through minors in environmental studies and environmental science. In 2020, Wake Forest added two new majors in Environment and Sustainability, a BA in Environment and Sustainability Studies and a BA in Environmental Science. The program is located in Palmer Hall on campus.

The Sustainability Graduate Program

In 2014, the Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (CEES) partnered with 26 faculty from across campus to establish the Sustainability Graduate Programs. In addition to the Master of Arts in Sustainability (MAS) and a certificate program, Wake Forest offers two unique dual degree programs – the JD/MA in Sustainability and the Masters of Divinity/MA in Sustainability.

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