Members of the class of 2012 are invited to sign the Green Graduation Pledge on Friday, May 18 at graduation ticket pick-up outside the University Book Store. Students who sign the pledge are committing to “take into account the social and environmental consequences of any future endeavors and to work to improve the sustainability of the communities in which [they] work, live and play.”

This is the university’s second year offering the Green Graduation Pledge to students. The tradition began 25 years ago at Humboldt State University. Today, more than 100 schools participate in the nationwide pledge drive, facilitated by the Graduation Pledge Alliance. Since the initial year, more than 200,000 students have signed the pledge nationwide.

One hundred seniors have already signed the pledge. The next 150 seniors will receive a green reusable travel coffee mug with the pledge printed on it, to remind them of their commitment to sustainability in their lives after college.

Two hundred forty-seven members of the class of 2011 committed to living more sustainable lives last year – a number we hope to beat in 2012.

By Caitlin Edwards, Wake Forest Fellow