Q.   I heard that the Environmental Program is making modifications to its minor curriculum.  What are these changes and which students will it affect?   

A.  Following a vote in November 2012, the environmental faculty voted to revise curriculum for the Interdisciplinary Minor in Environmental Studies to provide more flexibility in the minor track. The new curriculum requires students to take ENV 201 Environmental Issues and to choose at least one approved course from each of the following categories: social sciences, sciences, and humanities. Students may also choose from a list of approved electives to round out the required 18 credit hours for the minor.
The previous requirements included ECN 241 Natural Resource Economics, ENV 201 Environmental Issues, ANT 339 Culture and Nature, and 9 credit hours of elective courses. The program will grandfather in students who have already declared the Environmental Studies minor, so those students can complete the minor under the prior requirements.
There have not been any changes to the requirements for the Interdisciplinary Minor in Environmental Science.
To find more information on the changes to the Environmental Studies minor, review the website for the Environmental Program.