good-for-me-good-for-us-wfu-fnl-compressedGood for Me – Good for Us?

Self-interest, community values, and a sustainable future

Can self-interested behaviors and community values coexist? Join us for a lively panel discussion that probes the realms of morality, justice, capitalism and sustainability in answering this question.

Featured Speakers:

  • Julian Agyeman, Professor and Chair of Urban Environmental Policy and Planning, Tufts University
  • Sabine O’Hara, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability & Environmental Sciences, University of the District of Columbia
  • Larry Rasmussen, Professor Emeritus of social ethics, Union Theological Seminary

Opening remarks by WFU Professor of Management and Tylee Wilson Chair in Business Ethics, Sean Hannah

Moderated by WFU Provost Rogan Kersh