On September 30, 2017, Wake Forest University will be making the transition from Zimride to ShareTheRideNC. ShareTheRideNC is a statewide ride-matching service sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART).

To continue your commitment to ride-sharing at Wake Forest, register with ShareTheRideNC and select Wake Forest University as your primary affiliation. Remember, registering does not obligate you to carpool, but we do hope it motivates you!

This quick walk-through video explains how to register and start finding matches on STRNC.org.

Features of ShareTheRideNC

  • Safe and secure: By default, people who match with your commute will see your first name, commute preferences, and the contact information you choose to share. You can also opt to hide all information and not appear on others’ match lists by changing your personal settings.
  • More opportunities to match: WFU employees and students may choose to only match with members of the WFU community or expand their matches to others across the state of North Carolina.
  • No obligations: There are no obligations or requirements when registering for ShareTheRideNC. You choose the people you’d like to contact and those with whom you would be interested carpooling/vanpooling.
  • Incentives: Earn points each time you use a form of alternative transportation to win giftcards and other prizes.
  • In case of emergency: If you have an emergency and need to leave at a different time than your carpool partner, you can utilize the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program, which provides a taxicab or rental car to get you home, free of cost.