FAQ: I saw some Bird scooters on campus last week but they disappeared as quickly as they arrived. What happened?

A: The scooters were removed by the company the same day they were delivered. There are three primary operators in the university dockless electric scooter space: Spin, Lime, and Bird. Spin and Lime have both reached out about partnering; Bird deposited the units around the edges of campus without prior notification.

Municipalities and campuses across the country are working together to develop policies and protocols that are adaptive in covering these emerging technologies. Nationwide there have been countless problems with the units creating rider/pedestrian conflicts and littering streets, sidewalks, and doorways. Wake Forest is actively developing policies and protocols that set expectations for how riders will operate and park the units on campus.

If/when we enter a partnership, we will also develop a selection process that includes all competitors. San Francisco recently completed a vetting process that included a comprehensive look at the ways an electric scooter service provider could and should address the common good: equitable access, ability access, and safety. We would also look for thoughtful responses to the same set of questions.