In this time of rapid change and uncertainty, we are reminded of Raj Patel’s words to us: “You have never been just one person — you have always been a part of a community.” 

Know that even as we take critically important social distancing measures, you are not alone. Just as we are committed to community health and global wellbeing, we remain committed to fostering community cohesion in the face of COVID-19. As we re-envision how we do this in a temporarily virtualized world, we are reminded of the immense resilience of our community. Know that the Office of Sustainability is here to support you and will continue to create new opportunities for continuity and social connection in the weeks ahead. 

As Dr. Hatch reminded us in his March 13 message to the Wake Forest community “…while we must change how we connect, we will lean into our ingenuity, pursue creative solutions and embrace the challenge to discover how we can maintain the best of who we are in the midst of changing and uncertain circumstances.”

We look forward to connecting with you soon. For the most recent updates from Wake Forest University about the novel coronavirus, visit