Hidden Gems of the Great Outdoors

Finding Peace in Nature During a Pandemic
By Lauren Berryman (’21)

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“When the future is full of uncertainty and dread, where can you find peace and comfort except in the present moment?” – Rev. Tim Auman

Returning to campus this semester has made students breathe a sigh of relief but also wonder what to do to keep busy during a pandemic. With state and school imposed health and safety guidelines, attending classes, meeting with clubs and socializing with friends look different. Regardless of the situation, one thing is certain: people are spending much more time in the great outdoors.

Students have found themselves facing stressors and anxieties due to the Covid-19 pandemic and isolation. For some, it has taken a toll on mental health. To cope, students are adjusting in ways that have allowed them to foster deeper relationships with nature. Whether students are reading a book on Davis Field or exploring Reynolda Gardens, they are finding themselves more connected to nature.

Today’s Autumnal Equinox marks a fresh start. Equinox comes from the Latin words “aequi,” which means equal, and “nox,” which translates to night. On the equinox, day and night are of nearly the same length across the planet. This seasonal transition brings with it a sense of balance and opportunity to find peace in the present moment…

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