Wake Forest University Partners with UpcycleLife

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UpcycleLife at the WFU Earth Day Fair “Pro Humanitiate” is in action on the sustainability front at Wake Forest through a partnership with UpcycleLife. The Charlotte-based, not-for-profit produces one-of-a-kind bags and accessories by upcycling things like billboards or banners. It isn’t just that UpcycleLife is keeping vinyl out of our landfills, it’s the way [...]

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Chemical Inventory Generates Savings

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Beyond meeting regulated health and safety requirements, a new chemical inventory tracking system at Wake Forest provides a useful means of minimizing laboratory waste on campus. The system catalogs the thousands of different types of chemicals – from acetone to dimethyl sulfoxide – stored in academic buildings and laboratories, facility storerooms, and supply closets. The system [...]

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Are You a Champion?

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Have you or are you preparing to facilitate a change to a sustainable practice on campus? Have you implemented a new sustainability initiative in your area? If so, you might be a winner! This coming April, Wake Forest will host our inaugural Champions of Change award ceremony. In March, we will accept nominations for awards that [...]

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Waste Diversion Rate Peaks at 55%

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Over the past fifteen years the effort to reduce solid waste on campus has expanded from its humble origins as a simple recycling program to the holistic campus-wide waste reduction initiative it is today. Before 1998 the campus’s overall waste diversion rate was negligible; by 2010 it had jumped to 45% and in 2012 it had [...]

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FAQ: Sustainable T-Shirts

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Q: I'm a leader in several organizations and I end up making quite a few t-shirt purchases.  How should I go about making those purchases as sustainable as possible? A:  There are many factors to consider in evaluating the sustainability of a t-shirt, from where and how the cotton is grown to the labor conditions in the factory [...]

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