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Engagement in climate change solutions is a priority of the university.

Wake Forest is actively working to develop a plan for climate neutrality that builds off of the momentum created by the 30% reduction in the university’s greenhouse gas emissions since 2007. You can read about our publicly available carbon inventory and how we measure the university’s greenhouse gas emissions here. If you are interested in how we’ve reduced energy intensity through investments in energy efficiency or our renewable energy opportunities and obstacles, click here.

At Wake Forest, We Are Still In

“As an institution of higher education, we play an important role in preparing students to lead the way toward a future in which the betterment of humanity enhances, rather than compromises, the non-human systems that support life. We also must promote public engagement in the most pressing issues of our time. Whether it is drone imagery of forest canopies that aid international policy development or the refining of ever-more efficient processes for converting waste to energy, our research informs action in the communities where we work around the world.

On campus, we are developing a rigorous plan to reduce the greenhouse gas impacts of University operations. Since 2007, we have reduced our greenhouse gas impact by more than 19 percent per square foot in our buildings. As we move forward in implementing the plan, we will set clear and transparent targets for reducing the total impact of campus operations.

In affirming our commitment to addressing the threats of climate change, we call on our innovation, creativity and spirit of Pro Humanitate to guide us in our roles and responsibilities as citizens in a complex and ever-changing world.”

– President Nathan O. Hatch, June 7, 2017

Leading the Way for Climate Action

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30% to Date
50% by 2030
100% by 2040