We are here to help you find your place at Wake Forest and in the world. Check out the many organizations related to environment and sustainability that you can be a part of. 

The Sustainability Theme House

Located at 1157 Polo Rd., the Sustainability House is available to undergraduate students who want to live more sustainable lives. Residents collaborate with other theme houses and student groups to host programs and films relating to sustainability themes. The Campus Garden is just down the road from the Sustainability theme house and residents contribute to the garden by volunteering and collecting compostable food waste.


Eco-Deacs is a student organization for undergraduates who want to engage with the global challenges of climate change & environmental justice through conversation and action. 

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Ocean and Marine Conservation Club

The Ocean and Marine Conservation Club (OMCC) spearheads conversations and events about ocean and marine conservation in an effort to inspire others to take action. This student-led group does this through events like film screenings, volunteer opportunities like beach clean-ups, and bonding activities like kayaking trips. The group’s camaraderie is solidified through members’ love and appreciation for the natural world and marine life.

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Environmental Law Society 

Are you a law student who is passionate about issues of environmental law and policy? The Environmental Law Society (ELS) is a group for law students interested in promoting awareness of environmental issues and collaborating with other environmentally-focused organizations on campus and in the community.  


Commonplace is an organization for students in the School of Divinity. Commonplace seeks to deepens the knowledge, formation, and sense of community of those interested in food, health, ecological justice, and faith. Student leaders with this group organize hiking trips, shared meals, and off-campus event and service opportunities. The group also sponsors community lunches periodically, which are sourced locally.