The Z’s of Alternative Transportation

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“Alternative” may have connotations of “underground” or “independent,” but the Office of Sustainability hopes alternative transportation brings to mind a sense of open sharing and community at Wake Forest University. With options including the car sharing program Zipcar and the campus carpool network Zimride, Wake Forest faculty, staff, and students have access to transportation without bringing [...]

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Catch a Ride for Fall Break

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Zimride is a ride-sharing program that has harnessed the networking capacities of social media infrastructure to facilitate carpooling. While ride-sharing is a familiar concept, the Zimride program is quite different than the more classic variety of ride-sharing programs that inevitably involves a bulletin board and spidery strings of yarn. Zimride began to reinvigorate ideas about ride-sharing [...]

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Improving to keep you moving

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Your favorite alternative transportation options just got better. Read on for updates on the university shuttle lines and Zipcar. Ride the Wake Did you know that you can track the location of the Downtown, Grey, Black and Gold line shuttles in real time? The Department of Computer Science developed real-time viewing for the shuttles’ positions using [...]

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FAQ – A Sustainable Start

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Q. The new school year is starting and I want to give sustainability a try – do you have any materials to get me started? A. You are in luck! From recycling to dining, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn how you can receive your personal recycling bin, Green Guide, reusable to-go container, reusable [...]

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Alternative transportation options gain popularity on campus

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The transition between the spring and fall semesters of 2010 brought huge changes for the university’s department of transportation. Most notable of these is the two-fold increase in ridership on the Gold and Black shuttle lines. Ridership on those two lines topped 6,000 students last month.  These lines provide convenient rides to and from [...]

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