Volunteers play a key role in making Wake Forest a more sustainable place to live, work, and play. Sign up for our mailing lists to stay up to date on our volunteer opportunities, or send us an email at sustainability@wfu.edu. A sampling of some of our most popular opportunities can be found below.

The Campus Garden 

Love gardening? Want a hands-on service experience? Volunteer in the Campus Garden; we welcome students, faculty, staff, and community members. The garden is located at the corner of Polo Road and Student Drive and can always use an extra set of hands. All are welcome, no gardening experience is required. For more information, or to schedule a service event for your organization in the garden, send an e-mail to campusgarden@wfu.edu.

Learn More About the Campus Garden

The Compost Crew 

Interested in helping to divert waste on campus? Sign up for the compost crew! As we work to increase the percentage of food waste on campus that is composted (and therefore diverted from the landfill), it is vital that we have a crew to support our efforts. As a member of the crew you can: meet with leaders from student organizations who host meals and events on campus, market new composting initiatives, help educate event attendees, and coordinate the logistics of moving food waste to pick-up locations.

Plant-Forward Dining Committee

Did you know that plant-rich diets are one of the most impactful solutions to global climate change? This group serves as an opportunity to work alongside our campus nutritionist, Brooke Orr to brainstorm ideas, develop programs, and create events to help promote plant-forward dining. For more information and/or to join, email sustainability@wfu.edu. All are welcome.

Environmental Education in Winston-Salem

Are you passionate about education? Looking for a fun way to engage with the Winston-Salem community? Help the Piedmont Environmental Alliance (PEA) with their environmental education efforts in local middle schools. All necessary training will be provided by our environmental education student intern(s). Email sustainability@wfu.edu to learn more.