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Dining Services

Environmental sustainability is a fundamental part of Deacon Dining and Harvest Table Culinary Group’s mission to reduce their environmental impact through practices that both enrich and support the natural environment. Through Green Thread, Dining Services works to reduce the environmental impact within their operations. Additionally, Dining Services is continuously improve their own practices, while offering expertise and practical solutions.

Eat with Purpose

Plant-forward diets have proven benefits to both environmental and human health. Deacon Dining has committed to making such a change easy for the university community through the vegan station in the Pit, plant-forward catering menus, and meatless alternatives throughout campus. Shifting to a plant-rich diet is a demand-side solution to global warming. By dining multiple times per day, imagine how many opportunities you have to turn the tables. With Wake Forest’s dedication to plant-forward dining, you can eat for yourself and the planet.

Campus Garden

Join the local food movement by volunteering in the Wake Forest Campus Garden.

Hunger and Food Insecurity

The Campus Kitchen at Wake Forest University partners with Dining Services and local non-profits to reduce food waste  and fight food insecurity in the Winston-Salem community.


Through a partnership with Gallins Family Farm, Dining Services diverts pre-consumer waste from the landfill to be turned into compost.

Dining Services can provide low-waste catering options upon request.

Deacon Dining Connection

The Deacon Dining Connection is a student organization dedicated to influencing and discussing dining decisions at Wake Forest.

Plant-Forward Dining Committee

The Plant-Forward Dining Committee serves as an opportunity to work with our campus nutritionist, Brooke Orr, to brainstorm ideas, develop programs, and create events to help promote plant-forward dining. Email sustainability@wfu.edu to get involved.

Reusable To-Go Containers

Purchase your reusable to-go Container from the Green Scene Express. Just like a reusable water bottle, do your part to reduce waste by purchasing a reusable to-go container.