FAQ: Recycle Bins and Totes

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Q: How do I get a desk-side recycling bin for my office? A: The Reynolda campus transitioned to desk-side recycling collection for faculty and staff in the spring of 2015. Small blue bins labeled with "Paper, Cans, Bottles" stickers are available for pick-up in the Office of Sustainability. Any desk-side bin with a "Paper, Cans, Bottles" sticker [...]

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FAQ: New Years Resolutions

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Looking  to make 2012 your greenest year yet? Consider one (or more) of the following resolutions: Recycle as much as you can. Sure, you put your #1 and #2 plastics in the bin with your aluminum and glass, but did you know you can recycle #5 plastics at Whole Foods Market? Consult our “What to Recycle” [...]

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FAQ: Holiday Setbacks

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Q. What's the deal with the university's Holiday Setbacks program? A. Each year during the holiday break in December and January, Facilities and Campus Services allows the temperature of most campus buildings to "float" between 55 degrees (to prevent freezing pipes) and 85 degrees (to avoid frying electronic devices like computers and projector equipment). Since buildings [...]

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FAQ: Rolling the Quad

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Q. I understand that the Rolling of the Quad is a much-loved tradition at the university, but I can't help feeling that it is wasteful and possibly harmful to the health of the trees on Hearn Plaza. Is this practice sustainable? A. Throwing rolls of toilet paper into the trees is certainly wasteful. On a scale of [...]

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FAQ: Get Involved

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Q. I want to get involved with campus sustainability. What should I do? A. There are many ways to get involved with sustainability here at Wake. From hands-on opportunities to guest lectures and film screenings, we're here to connect you to sustainability. Faculty and Staff Join the Sustainability listserv here. Get involved with your department's Green Team. If [...]

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FAQ – A Sustainable Start

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Q. The new school year is starting and I want to give sustainability a try – do you have any materials to get me started? A. You are in luck! From recycling to dining, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn how you can receive your personal recycling bin, Green Guide, reusable to-go container, reusable [...]

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FAQ: Water Coolers

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Q. Our office uses a water dispenser instead of individual bottles of water. Is this still bad for the environment? Is it a waste of money? A. At a 1000x mark up, jugs of water are still an expensive alternative to tap water. Like individual bottles of water, dispensed water can be seen as more convenient [...]

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FAQ: Sustainable printing at home and at the office

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Q: I know that I should consider the environment when printing, but there are so many options, I don’t know which method is the best. What is the most sustainable printing method? A: With a myriad of options from paper type to printing device, the choices available to you can be dizzying. The absolute best way [...]

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FAQ: Landscaping water usage

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Q. I've noticed how beautiful the Wake Forest gardens are, but isn't all that landscaping water intensive, particularly during the summer when the flowers are in bloom and water is at a premium? A. Though landscaping, particularly on a large scale like at the university, requires a lot of input, there are many simple ways to [...]

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FAQ: Recycling Myth

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Q. Why should I bother to recycle at Wake? Doesn't the university just throw away all the recyclable waste? A. A significant percentage of university waste is diverted to be recycled including several dozen tons of cardboard each year. It is true that around 40 percent of recycling bins are contaminated by non-recyclables, like food waste, [...]

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