WFU Experts Respond to Fifth National Climate Assessment 

The effects of burning fossil fuels and emitting heat-trapping greenhouse gasses are vast and worsening across all regions of the United States. With the global average surface temperature already hovering around 1.2 degrees celsius (2.2 degrees F) above pre-industrial levels, some of the effects […]

Save the Date for an Evening with Science Writer David Quammen

February 13, 2024 In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, how do the relationships between humans, non-human animals, and landscapes influence public health? Join Wake Forest’s Office of Sustainability and co-sponsoring departments on Tuesday, February 13th at 5:30pm in Brendle Recital Hall for Tracing Threads from Art […]

Fungi: An Unexpected Guide to Amazon Rainforest Conservation

Written by Office of Sustainability intern, Una Wilson (’24) Una is a biology major specializing in studies of fungi, and a journalism and environmental studies minor, spent the summer in Peru alongside Wake Forest faculty researchers and CINCIA. Wilson shares her experience in Peru, and […]

Getting to the Roots of Intersectional Environmentalism

Intersectional environmentalism is a nuanced idea that sits at the cornerstone of environment, sustainability, social justice, and a multitude of identities. Originally coined by activist Leah Thomas, this framework advocates for the protection of all people and the planet and recognizes that […]

Environmental Majors are Approved

Beginning with the class of 2021, students can graduate with sustainability degrees. By: Caroline Walker (’22), Graphic Design Assistant for the Office of Sustainability. Find the original publication of this article in the Old Gold & Black. Though the university has offered minors in Environmental […]

Sustainability across the Curriculum

The sixth annual Magnolias Curriculum Project brought together 14 faculty members on May 10-11, 2017, to develop innovative course components that will inspire systems thinking in students and empower an understanding of sustainability through a variety of lenses. During this two-day workshop, participants discussed […]

Sustainability is an Interdisciplinary Study

by Kellie Shanaghan Environmental studies and sustainability are fields that overlap with nearly every major, degree, and career.  Improving Earth’s climate so that humans can continue to live here should be on the forefront of the minds of educators, politicians, students, and everyday citizens. Yet, […]