Progress Report

At this midway point in our journey to reach our campus sustainability goals by 2015, we will be offering a series of stories on progress made to date. In each update, we will signify that progress with a five-star rating system.

In each area of the original plan, which was adopted in the fall of 2014, we highlighted commitments, programs, and campaigns underway at the time. The goals reflect areas of campus operations that required more focused attention in order to accelerate progress. For information about the process of setting the goals, please read the introduction of our plan document.

We appreciate all of the campus partners and collaborators who work every day to implement the programs and policies that advance campus sustainability. Their leadership, across many boundaries, is the key to our shared success.


Thanks for reviewing our Sustainability Strategic Plan for 2015.  The plan is available online only, in a flipbook format. If you have trouble, you can also download the report as a PDF file (2mb).